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Nickel alloys offer excellent resistance to corrosion in seawater. As such it is widely used in marine hardware. By altering the proportions of nickel and copper it is also possible to change the electrical resistance of the alloy. 

Nickel-chromium and nickel-chromium-iron alloys are resistant to high temperatures and offer greater strength. They form the basis of many commercial and military power systems. Nickel-chromium-iron alloys also offer a greater resistance to corrosion in high-temperature, petrochemical environments. 

Nickel-iron low-expansion alloys are designed to remain unaffected by a range of temperatures. Such alloys are often used to make seals and precisions spring.

Soft magnetic alloys are created to have a wide range of magnetic properties in relation to their nickel content. Alloys with high nickel content have a high permeability but low saturation.

Welding products for Nickel Alloys are of a similar composition to the base metals with the addition of elements to over-come any malleability problems.

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